Pump It Powder



An even newer drug, codeine with paint thinner, has some interesting results of its own.

Who can buy Pump It Powder?

New designer drug popular among teenagers

Pump It Powder is a new drug that is getting negative reports among drug treatment, law enforcement, and school personnel. The designer drug, reported to be similar to amphetamines, has been seen as a replacement for the drugs known as Dragonfly, Glass Cleaner, Spice, K2, and Bath Salts. Because the ingredients are sold under the auspices of being a plant vitamin and clearly labeled as not for human consumption, they are once again creating a new craze among teenagers and people in their 20s who prefer designer drugs over the ones made halfway around the world and smuggled in unique ways into the US. The Pump It Powder drug, given that it is similar to amphetamines, could create anxiety, heart palpitations, and other adrenal problems that can throw off your metabolism. In the same way that over the counter drugs can have bad effects in some people, taking Pump It Powder might have a similar effect on you, but doctors in hospitals are not going to have enough information to guess the right treatment if you overdose.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Please do not buy things that are labeled for plants and then consume them yourselves. Keep in mind that people in factories who put things into these little vials and cans may not have any quality control standards, and since there is no regulation they can pretty much put any chemical in the package that they want. The ingredients in Pump It Powder are not specified in news reports.