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March 6, 2012:
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What are the side effects of Pump It Powder?

Many current dangers are unknown due to composition of powder.

The main reported danger and side effect of Pump It Powder is that it takes awhile to take effect, so many people will keep dosing themselves until they feel the drug working, at which point they have overdosed on a stimulant. The other effect reported is addiction, so people are buying multiple doses of the powder, which retails at $30, on a regular basis. Though this does not sound like a lot of money, teenagers and others who are not able to readily get this kind of cash might resort to criminal activity in order to get money for the drug, which is typical in any case of addiction, and is common to drug treatment educators. Pump It Powder, according to police, may also be associated with psychosis and suicide, so you should watch your teen and make sure that they are not negatively impacted by this or any other drug, including illegal ones. Inpatient and residential drug treatment programs may offer a way to get treatment for Pump It Powder abuse and other drug problems.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Pump It Powder is labeled as a plant vitamin so it is your fault if you ingest it and something bad happens to you.